Crew-Etc™, the esteemed crew division under Talent-Etc™, is proud to announce the launch of a dedicated division, Action-Etc, catering specifically to talent trained in action, stunts, and specialized skills within the entertainment industry. This pioneering initiative aims to establish clear guidelines and provide enhanced protection for actors, ensuring their safety and well-being on set.

Heading this groundbreaking division is industry veterans Llewellyn Cordier & Lara Engelbrecht, whose extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence make them the ideal leaders for this crucial endeavour.

With a career spanning over two decades, Llewellyn Cordier better known from his portrayal of actors in The Furnace, The Queen, Generations, Rhythm City, The Executives, Nandi, Family Secrets, Legacy and Kings of Joburg has earned acclaim for his work as an actor, but he is also as a stunt coordinator, action choreographer, and specialized skills trainer.

Lara Engelbrecht boasts an extensive career in the entertainment industry, having held key positions across a diverse range of productions including Production Manager, Cast Coordinator, 2nd Assistant Director and Production Coordinator. Throughout her career, Lara’s versatility, organizational skills, and commitment to excellence have consistently positioned her as an invaluable asset in bringing creative visions to life across various mediums within the entertainment industry. Her meticulous attention to detail and dedication to safety have made her a trusted authority within the industry, garnering the respect and admiration of peers and collaborators alike.

“In addition to my acting career, I am honoured to lead this new division within Crew-Etc™, dedicated to championing the interests and safety of action, stunts, and specialized skills performers,” remarked Llewellyn. “Our goal is to ensure that actors have the support and protection they need to excel in their craft, while also upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism on set.” said Lara.

Joining Cordier and Engelbrecht in this endeavour is crew agent and manager Tania de Villiers, whose extensive expertise and industry insights will further strengthen the division’s capabilities. Together, they will co-manage the division, leveraging their combined experience to provide unparalleled support and representation to performers in the action and stunt community.

The creation of this specialized division underscores Crew-Etc™’s ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of crew representation. By providing tailored support and resources to action, stunts, and specialized skills performers, Crew-Etc™ aims to raise the bar for safety and professionalism across the entertainment industry.

As the entertainment landscape continues to evolve, it is essential that we adapt and innovate to meet the needs of our clients,” added Cordier & Engelbrecht. “With the launch of this new division, we are taking a proactive approach to ensure that actors in high-risk roles receive the specialized support and protection they deserve.”

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