Stefan Enslin’s exclusive Film-In-One-Day workshop teaches and supports schools at the same time.

Many children dream of one day writing their own screenplay for a movie, a book, or being part of the writing team behind a popular soap opera. With Stefan Enslin’s exclusive FILM-IN-A-DAY WORKSHOP, these dreams can now be placed within the reach of numerous children while schools can raise funds for all those much-needed expenses that stick their head out during the year.

Award-winning Enslin is a driven and passionate filmmaker, writer, director and screenwriter who boasts over a decade of experience in the film industry.

He offers an exceptional project for students that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the cinematography industry and equips them with the basic skills required to tell exceptional stories on the big screen.

Within a day (9:00 to 4:30), aspiring writers and screenwriters will be exposed to the fundamentals of creative writing, with specific emphasis on the film industry.

The session consists of an introduction to the film industry, the role of a writer, focusing on the difference between writing for film and other media as well as the elements of a good story.

Plot, character, environment and theme will also be discussed, as well as building up scenes, character development, dialogue and much more.

Beyond the creative aspects, it will also be focused on the business of screenwriting, including aspects of agents, presentations, selling a screenplay, as well as legal and copyright aspects

Opportunity will be given at the end of the workshop for questions to ensure everyone puts as much value as possible out of the day in order to kick off their screenwriter career on a positive and informed note.

Schools can invite Enslin to present the workshop and then show one of his films on the big screen at the end of the day. For more information and how to book these necessary arrangements, costs and logistics, please contact info@starburstmusic.co for

Over the years, Stefan has established himself firmly in the entertainment industry.

His first novel, Shooting Star, was published in 2013, with the animated version to follow in 2015. It won the Audience Favorite award at the prestigious Silver Screen Festival. He published his second novel, Second Chances, in 2018.

He also boasts an impressive list of movies behind his name, including Bow tie, Zero Is Nothing, Dear Santa and Little Karoo, and was one of the writers on Married To Rugby. On Search of Rainbows, a kykNET story film of which he was a screenwriter and director, was released in 2022. He also worked as a line producer on an Emmy-award-winning documentary for CNN. This year he was also nominated for two South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAS).

Some of his future projects include a documentary about world-renowned welterweight boxing champion Chris van Heerden, a film about a pig that paints and a new novel with legendary author Maretha Maartens.

Stefan has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he would like to share with the next generation of screenwriters and filmmakers to help them achieve success.

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