Lizette Volkwyn cannot sing. She cannot sing at all, but she firmly believes that when you step out of your comfort zone and are willing to become vulnerable, you are able to grow and even achieve the impossible with someone’s guidance. Lizette is unconventional, and is known as a dynamic writer, master life coach and human lie detector who not only talks but also takes action. You never know what she’s going to do next, which makes her one of South Africa’s most sought-after exports. Locally and internationally, she helps various people unlock their full potential.

And now, she’s once again going to show why she’s so popular and in demand. At an exclusive one-off event, aimed at anyone looking to grow in their personal lives, she’s going to sing! With THE POWER OF BEING COACHABLE, and its accompanying documentary, she will demonstrate that you can achieve the unimaginable when you’re willing to become vulnerable. “I want to show people that it truly is a case of if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it, whatever it is,” she says.

The inspiration behind the event was the fact that people believe Lizette is always happy and has everything she wants in life. “In the coaching industry you tend to only show your best side. This has led to the perception that I am always happy and that for me, success is easily achieved. Nothing could be further from the truth. Through this event I want to give people a glimpse behind the scenes. I want to show them that my life is not perfect and that I must work hard for what I want. At the core of this is vulnerability and empathy.”

In preparation for the event, Stephanie has taught Lizette – who confesses that she is musically challenged and unable to carry a tune – how to sing. The goal of their experiment has been to prove that when we are willing to try, willing to be vulnerable, and willing to follow the directions of an expert or specialist, anything is possible, despite our perceived limitations.

Stephanie is a musical master but has never trained others in the art of singing. This, coupled with her spontaneous approach to life and her kind heart, made her the ideal candidate to join me on this journey. While I was learning from her, she made me feel completely safe, even at my most vulnerable,” explains Lizette.

According to Stephanie, she was initially quite sceptical about the project. I thought to myself, how do you coach a coach when you are not a coach? However, I was pleasantly surprised! Not only in my coaching abilities, but also in my very willing ‘student’. This journey with Lizette proved to me that anyone who is willing to be vulnerable can be coached and can eventually become the ‘teacher’.”

For Lizette, Martin Bester is the embodiment of adventure and shifting boundaries. As this is precisely what THE POWER OF BEING COACHABLE is about, she invited him to join as MC. “I was intrigued by Lizette’s idea and got involved for two reasons,” says Martin. “Firstly, I love a challenge, and I love it when others challenge themselves. Secondly, where music is involved, I’m happy to get involved too. Music is my passion and I incorporate it into every aspect of my life.”

With that in mind, those attending THE POWER OF BEING COACHABLE can look forward to a life-changing experience. “The event is unique in the sense that its focus is not on being perfect, but rather on showing that everyone, even those we place on a pedestal, are only human and have weaknesses and flaws. That said, it is also a celebration of the indomitable spirit of being coachable and will undoubtedly light a fire in those who join us on the day.”

During this event, which promises to be an exciting and transformative experience, participants will enjoy a light lunch while being entertained by Martin Bester and Stephanie Baartman.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be held at Casa Toscana in Pretoria on 19 August 2023, and tickets cost R575 per person or R4 000 for a table of 8 people. For more information or to make a reservation, click here:, e-mail, or visit

About what can be expected, Lizette’s answer is simple: “Expect the unexpected!”.

Lizette is currently working on several exciting projects, including a service called AskYourCoach and a new book, Triumph in Vulnerability. One of her career highlights so far includes multiple engagements at the Swedish embassy during the Nobel Prize week, being one of the 14 candidates to qualify for the CeFF program that started in May, and receiving feedback from people whose lives she has helped change.



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